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The Distance Course for Master of Social Work is a certified degree that permit the holder to practice social work independently after completing his/her masters program. The Distance Course for Master of Social Work is aimed at training those who already work or desire to work in the Development and Welfare department. The MSW Course Degree is the standard entry requirement for most social work positions. Advancement to supervisor position, program manager, assistant director or executive director of a social service agency requires a graduate degree, at least having a degree of MSW, and in addition, experience is also required. With an MSW Degree a social worker may engage research, advocacy, and consulting. Social workers who go into private practice require, at minimum, an MSW Degree supervised work experience, and state certification. Moreover Distance Course for Master In Social Work Degree holders have a very high employment options in various NGO and various sampling and statistical departments in corporate sector and Government sector, even their importance in planning and development and has enhanced.


  • The eligibility for Distance Course in Master of Social Work is having a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a renowned Institute/College.
  • Candidates having a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities / Social Science / Science / Commerce or Management subjects are also eligible for this programme.
  • Students who have a background in social work, psychology, social science, sociology or any other relative fields are also given preference over other degrees.

Distance Course for Master of Social Work Specializations and Advantages

  • Human Resource Management.
  • Criminology and Correctional Administration.
  • Medicinal and Psychiatric Social Work.
  • Rural/Urban Society & Schools Development Social Work.
  • Candidates who have completed Master’s Degree in Social work can aim further and apply for Ph.D. or M.Phil. degree.
  • After getting hold of some experience, M.S.W.’s can be appointed as Consultants with a variety of high reputed organizations.

Master of Social Work Jobs

The Distance Course for Master in Social Work Degree holds a good reputation at International Platforms. Leading International Associations like WHO, UNESCO and UNICEF take up Social Workers in awareness campaigns and projects meant for developing countries. Other job posts options are HR Department of Industries, Documentation and Communication Officer, Humanitarian Values and PMER Officer, National Secretary Community Development and many more to be named.


The duration of Distance Course for Master in Social Work is 2 years which comprises of 4 semesters.