MBA Course Jagannath University

MBA Course from Jagannath University

Master of Business Administrations (MBA) Course is a master’s degree program provided by Jagannath University seeing the quickly growing field of business. Our course content enlarges the candidates about the different business subjects which rise in today’s modest world of business and how to deal with it. Achieving a leadership spot in an Organization is what our MBA course program prepares the students for. The role of the manager is the need to have a strong vision for their companies, along with having an outstanding sense of commitment, professional knowledge, willpower, extraordinary motivational and leadership qualities.

MBA Course Jagannath University Objectives

  • To educate and articulate a diverse group of aspirants with the quality knowledge, logical ability, management viewpoints and skills mandatory to lead an organization.
  • To be the best in the Management Industry one must compete with the rapidly changing criteria like diversity in workforce, technological fluctuations, and a ferociously competitive global marketplace.
  • Jagannath University’s MBA course is designed to make the students well prepared to succeed for careers in management and leadership in both government and private sectors.
  • Aspirants develop a extensive curriculum including the basics of business, the industrial environment in which they will function, and the logical tools for intelligent decision making.

List of Specialization of MBA Course Jagannath University Objectives

  • 1. Supply Chain Management
  • 2. Media Management
  • 3. Hospital Management
  • 4. Information Technology
  • 5. Human Resources Management
  • 6. International Business Management
  • 7. Finance Management
  • 8. Marketing Management
  • 9. Entrepreneurship Management
  • 10. Operations Management
  • 11. Project Management
  • 12. Digital Marketing
  • 13. Hotel and Tourism Management
Career Opportunity after MBA Course Jagannath University
  • Executives Brand Representatives in different parts like: – Marketing, Banking and Insurance, Sales and Retail, HR, Finance, IT, and International Business.
  • Customer Care Executive at IT-enabled Service providers/ BPOs, MNC Banks, Telecommunication Services, Fairs etc.
  • As an HR in Placement Consultancy Firms.
  • Openings in NGO’s and Public Sector Banks.
  •  Higher Studies