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Philosophy is a wide-ranging system of ideas about human nature and nature of the reality in which we live today. Distance Course for Master of Philosophy is a PG Educational Research Degree which is granted for a course in Philosophy. The syllabus of Master of Philosophy is a mixture of theory and practical. Scholars are trained to present their research outcomes. A pre-doctoral programme – Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) is taken after completion of the Master’s Degree. This can either be completely research based or can include course work as well. Distance Course for Master of Philosophy is made available in a wide variety of subjects ranging from English, Mathematics, Science to Management and many more. Distance Course for Master of Philosophy is specially meant for academicians interested in exploration or researchers willing to upgrade their knowledge after post graduation in their respective fields.

Distance Course for Master of Philosophy Specialisation Subjects

  • Hindi
  • Chinese
  • Gujarati
  • Psychology
  • Bioscience
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Guru Nanak Sikh Studing
  • Psychiatric Social Work

Advantages of Distance Course for Master of Philosophy

  • The Distance Course for Master of Philosophy aims to transform Post Graduated individuals into Research Scholars.
  • It’s an integrated theory and practical course to carry out research and Prepare research proposal.
  • Distance Course for Master of Philosophy is a pre-doctorate degree course which is mainly based on research. After completing this program, individuals can enrol for a Ph.D. program.


To pursue Distance Course in Master of Philosophy one has to have a Master’s degree in any of the fields like Science, Arts or Engineering. Candidates have to acquire 55% marks in the subject chosen for M.Phil. course or a similar subject at the PG level to be considered eligible for the course.

M.Phil Employments Areas and Profiles

M.Phil. on the whole provides requisite qualification for lecturer in a college/ secondary teacher or principal / higher secondary teacher or principal. One can also get involved in teaching or use the acquired knowledge in professional consultancy services or in even in entrepreneurial projects. Some more profiles one can go for after completing Distance Course for Master in Philosophy are Assistant Professor, Speaker, Human Services Worker, Scientists, Social Service Workers and many more to be named.


The Duration for Distance Course for Master of Philosophy is Two years; which includes one semester of course work and rest for dissertation.