B.A. History’s pedagogy is structured in a way that a learner should able to develop a deep insight of how the human civilization has evolved from ancient times to the present times. This program of studies will help learners to comprehend Politics and government, Culture and society, Economy, War and shall give an in-depth view of the world from a human’s perspective. The programme helps learner to develop and to demonstrate the vital capabilities in historical explanations, analysing the cause behind the big events occurred in old times and to relate the learning from the current modern times.

Key Features

  • The Department of Education offers B.Ed., M.Ed. approved by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and Ph.D. (Education) and has experienced, research focused and dedicated faculty members.
  • The emphasis is laid on all round development of prospective teacher and teacher-educators. Well equipped laboratories, rich library and modernized IT facilities etc. are the unique features of the department.

Career Prospectus

  • Public Administration
  • Social Work
  • Historian
  • Reporter
  • Tour Guide
  • Archaeology
  • Research
  • Teaching

Course CodeName of SubjectCreditsMarks
BHIS101History of Ancient India 1000 A.D04100
BHIS102History of Medieval India from 1000-1707 A.D04100
BHIS103 Contemporary India04100
BHIS104Foundation Course in English04100

Course Code
Name of SubjectCreditsMarks
BHIS201Indian History It’s up to 185704100
BHIS202History of Europe from 1789 to 1848 A.D04100
BHIS203Indian government and Politics04100
BHIS204Foundation Course in Hindi04100
Course CodeName of SubjectCreditsMarks
BHIS301History of India from 1857 to 2000 A.D04100
BHIS302History of Europe from 1848 to 1990 A.D04100
BHIS303Public Administration04100
BHIS304Environmental Studies04100
Course CodeName of SubjectCreditsMarks
BHIS401History of Civilization (Excluding India)04100
BHIS402History of England from 1782 to 2003 A.D04100
BHIS403Advance Communication Skills04100
BHIS404Foundation Course in IT04100
Course CodeName of SubjectCreditsMarks
BHIS501Historiography: Concepts, Methods and Tools04100
BHIS502Research Methodology: History and its Practice04100
BHIS503Choose any 1 Subject from group A04100
BHIS504Introduction to Indian Political & Social Economic Studies04100
Course CodeName of SubjectCreditsMarks
BHIS601History of Ancient and Medieval World04100
BHIS602History of Modern World04100
BHIS603Choose any 1 Subject from group B04100
BHIS604Project Based on Social Work04100

Subject of Group – A

  • Understanding Gandhi
  • Human Rights, Gender and Environment
  • Understanding Globalization

Subject of Group – B

  • Social Thinkers
  • Social Welfare
  • Law & Sociology