Online BBA Course Distance Learning :

Online BBA Course Distance Learning :

We provide counseling for highest quality distance learning BBA courses in India from UGC DEB recognized university. We have designed Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) to give rise to professionals of the future and not just a graduate with a degree. BBA distance learning  program is structured in a way keeping in mind the needs of the current corporate world, where the students will be working ultimately and thus this distance learning course has a totally different approach to education altogether.

Advantages of BBA Distance learning Course :

  • Given basic understanding about Management and trains them in communication skills effectively, while inculcating skills of entrepreneurship.
  • Best providers of distance learning education in India and have been successfully providing distance learning courses in various fields of education.
  • Not only teach students about the concepts of industry, but also provide them with insights of the industry, giving them invaluable experience of the industry atmosphere beforehand and thus help them gain confidence in themselves.
  • All this and more is provided to students by the help of our hugely industry experienced faculty who play a vital role in guiding a student through till placements.
  • This distance learning program in BBA prepares student for an executive career. Getting the practical knowledge of the course is as important as getting the degree, as it also does hold its importance as it opens the gates to more opportunities having graduation as a basic criteria.

Requirements to pursue online distance learning course in BBA from our recognized and esteemed university are as follows :

10+2 or equivalent

Course Duration :

The duration of the course is 6 semesters (minimum 3 years and maximum 6 years).

BBA Syllabus & Subjects:

1st Year

BBA Syllabus – Sem I BBA Syllabus – Sem II
Human Resource Management I Effective Communication I
Principles Of Management I Managerial Economics I
Financial Accounting Business Law I
Quantitative Methods I Principles of Management II
Computer Applications Management Accounting I

2nd Year

BBA Syllabus – Sem III BBA Syllabus – Sem IV
Business Law II Quantitative Methods in Business II
Management Accounting II Managerial Economics II
Business Environment Financial Management I
Family Business Management Effective Communication II
Project Work Human Resource Management II

3rd Year

BBA Syllabus – Sem V BBA Syllabus – Sem VI
BBA Course Subjects of Study BBA Course Subjects of Study
Operations Management Environment Management
Marketing Management International Marketing
Direct Taxes Export/Import Management
Indirect Taxes Public Relations Management
Research Methodology in Management Project Management

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